Deserted City Night Club with Green Screen Signs - 2 versions

A classic effect remastered!

We've remastered this old classic effect by cleaning up the signage and creating a new billboard all with green screen backgrounds. We even included a new version with a blue screen background.

Be sure to check out all of our Real City chroma key effects!

Gold Sparkle Fireworks 4k Green Screen/Black Screen/Blue Screen Preview

Gold Sparkle Fireworks 4k Green Screen/Black Screen/Blue Screen Preview

Coming Soon to

Gold Sparkle Fireworks 4k chroma key effects are the perfect for making any video worth celebrating!
Coming Wednesday, December 14th 2022

Happy New Year 2023 w/Auld Lang Syne 4K

Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023 4k video featuring "Auld Lang Syne" suitable for looping. [10:00 loop] 

Set on repeat and have a New Years Eve video for the entire night!
Happy New Year from Vidiots Channel!

Soon available for Free Download!

Drop of Blood Green Screen + 3 bonus effects

New Blood Drip Green Screen Effects!

4 new Vidiots Channel blood green screen VFX all in one file!



New FX Drops all weekend long at!

 New FX Drops all weekend long at!

Our latest Youtube & other effects will be available to download throughout the weekend.

Check back all weekend long for new green screen & alpha effects!

Below are just a few of the effects that will be available for Free at


Cameras, studio equipment & editing programs & more.

Cameras, studio equipment & editing programs & more.

Our top recommendations for cameras, lights, screens, editing equipment & editing programs are coming soon.


Whether it be our first studio video camera (Canon Vixia Series) & lighting set-ups (Hyper Tough construction work lights!) or our most recent techniques & equipment, we will soon be sharing it all with you.


A black canon camcorder and assorted asccessories including tripod, memory card & more.

No matter what your film or video budget we will offer ways to save you money while optimizing your workflow from shoot to release.

Our goal, as always, will be to help video & film creators, camera operators, editors and more find helpful solutions while maintaining any budget. 

Be sure to check back for the latest on this and other exciting projects updates! 

Bonus update:

Tutorials (Adobe After Effects) are coming soon!

Free Fire & Smoke Column Green Screen Effect


Free Fire & Smoke Column Green Screen Effect

New free Fire & Smoke Column 1080x1920 vertical video for you to use in your social media

 posts & other videos will be available to download Monday, July 24th 2022!

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An explosion on a green background Background is vertical.

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Concert Crowd Free Green Screen

 Concert Crowd Free Green Screen

Our classic 4k Concert Crowd Green Screen effect in a new free 1080x1920 vertical version to use in your social media posts & other videos will be available to download Monday, July 24th 2022!

Train & Station Green Screen (& Sound Effects!)

Train & Station Green Screen

A Free Real Object 4k Green Screen Effect. 

We've updated our Train Green Screen collection with a new free 4k effect. Unlike our previous train VFX this chromakey effect includes a train, station and Sound effects. Simply key in your background and you are ready to bring a modern passenger train as it passes through a station in your video production.


 Click here for the download page!

Fire & Smoke Storm

Fire & Smoke Storm Screen Effects

Our new fire effect is on it's way to!

Fiery clouds and flames glide across the screen in brilliant color!
This effect will enhance any collection of action assets.


8 Police light leaks, Bokeh, Stock & 25 SFX

8 Police light leaks, Bokeh, Stock & 25 SFX

Eight clips featuring Police Stock Footage, Bokeh lights, Light leaks & flares. These effects were created with footage of several police cruisers sitting along a wooded area next to highway. Each effect is on a black background.

Update! Click here to download it for FREE!

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Houses & Cars Green Screen - Driving in residential Hounslow, London [4K]

Houses & Cars Green Screen - Driving in residential Hounslow, London [4K]

Go Driving and view homes in Residential Hounslow, London in this colorful, highly detailed 4K green screen.

Soon available for free download!

Puppy Dog Green Screen Effect

New 1080x1920 VFX & Stock Video

We are now creating 1080x1920 videos for your social media posts and smartphone video.

The Majority of the videos can be found on TikTok at: . We will be providing free downloads of all our current TikTok videos (at the time of this publication).  

There are several free 1080x1920 downloads available right now on the home page of our website! 



Click Here or the Photo below for the free SmartPhone Crack Green Screen download page.

Glass cracks on a green background.

More Glass Breaking Videos

Roads and Cars Green Screen Effects 4K

Our Latest Free 4k Chroma Key Effects contains 
10 Green Screen Videos which include 9 aerial views and 1 high angle.

Would you like to see more of our "Real" effects?

6 classic chroma key effects return!

Paint Splash Green Screen VFX - Remaster / Re up

Classic chroma key effects return!

Our Paint Splash Green Screen Collection with 6 videos has been remastered & ready for free download!

frames of paint in various colors splashing.

Click the Pic or Here to Preview and download!


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Concert Crowd Silhouette 

A concert crowd dancing & moving on a green background. Color changing/looping Free Download 

Home Page

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Free City (Berlin) Alpha Channel Video

A new Free Alpha Channel video containing a view of buildings, traffic & people walking on sidewalks in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Germany.
Berlin Alpha VFX 
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Manhattan City Skyline Alpha Channel RBG


You may* use any of Free Effects & Stock Footage in any personal video that you own, both public & private.

You may not* claim ownership, re-upload, upload as is, sell or resell in whole or in part.

We appreciate any credit given within the video or descriptions where they may appear but it is not required. If you would like a License for Commercial Use one may be purchased >HERE<

Lightning Hit w/ Sparks (8 Free VFX!)

Our latest effect! Available for free download 11-16-18

Lightning strikes sending a shower of sparks downward. 8 Free video effects created for the FREE VIDEO PROJECT @ Includes Lightning strike with yellow sparks (distant), Lightning strike with Blue sparks (distant), Lightning strike with yellow sparks (close), Lightning strike with blue sparks (close), Lightning strike with yellow sparks (distant/slow motion), Lightning strike with blue sparks (Distant/slow motion), lightning strike with yellow sparks (close/slow motion), Lightning strike with blue sparks (close/slow motion). . To use in A.E. choose either "add", "overlay" or use key effects.

6 Free Zombie Live Action Green Screen VFX

Free Zombie Green Screen (Live action!)

6 Free Live Action Green Screen VFX to create your own Living Dead Nightmare! 
Download this effect in our Halloween Effects page before it's gone! 

Cartoon Action Effects - 4k - FREE Green Screen

24 Free 4k Cartoon VFX! 

All 6 versions of these #Free Action Cartoon chromakey effects below come in green, blue & black screen & with Glow on black screen for a total of 24 FREE FX! 
These free video effects are brought to you by the Free Video Project &

These free video effects are brought to you by the Free Video Project &
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Your Donation will help us continue to provide truly free video footage.
for Media Students, Independent TV & Movie Productions, Video Creators, hobbyists & more

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Free Video Project

What is the Free Video Project? 

In 2009, the Free Video Project at was launched to provide footage for those who do not have the resources or time to create them.
Is there a membership or sign-up?
At there is No Sign-up or registration. We keep it simple & hassle free for creators to find free assets.

Are Vidiots Channel downloads Safe?
We create and host all our files on the server. Unless specified, we will never redirect you to another site. The only pop-up windows on this site will be served by Google Adsense.

How is the Free Video Project funded?
The Free Video Project funding comes from various sources including donations, download sales in our store, ad revenue & contributions from Vidiots Channel Multi Media Productions.
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Exciting new updates!

Hello fellow Vidiots! 
We have some exciting new updates for you! 

We have launched a new category for chromakey effects and more are on the way.

The new category is "Technology which can be reached from our Chromakey Effects page  or the following direct link: .

Speaking of technology, we have also released the new green screen effect "Mobile Phone" which is a simple but effective piece of footage. The effect can be downloaded on our front (home) page or on our new Technology Effects page. This new effect, like all our others, is available to download and use in any of your personal videos (including youtube). If you would like to purchase this effect for use in a commercial production, it will soon be available in our download store & on our new site for Royalty Free Commercially licensed videos, which opens January 21st 2018. As an introduction to our new website , we will be offering this video for commercial use at 50% discount!

Below is a sample of the new effect "Mobile Phone Green Screen".

Be sure to check back here often. We have more new content on the way soon!

Until next time, Happy Editing!



3 new green screen effects are ready for downloading! The first green screen effect was created for a youtube subscriber who requested a custom color change of our Particle Dash Green Screen Effect ( ) The new version is titled "Blue Particle Dash" & video quality is 1080p.
Another great green screen available for download is our combination Title screen & Lower Thirds title screen "Light Flare Galaxy".  It's an easy to use, matching 4k set containing a title screen reveal & a lower thirds text reveal both in 4k resolution.  In the video a dark blue background gently swirls, suddenly a bright flash fills the screen fading as the light flare recedes and reveals your custom titles in front of a particle galaxy.

The third new download is a 4k green screen effect titled Under Water Lower Thirds". The Title Screen created from 4k footage of under water view of surface as water pours in, swirls and creates waves & air bubbles. 

  Keep checking back for updates, new downloads & new products!

The Vidiots Blog

Welcome to the Vidiots Channel Blog

Now that our youtube channel has more than 10,000 Subscribers & our website becoming busier than ever, we thought this would be the perfect time to bring back our blog. Our new Vidiots Channel blog will keep you up to date with our latest updates, video productions & projects including upcoming special effects & stock footage to inspire & help enable you to create your vision.

Below are our latest uploads on

Apache Helicopter
A 4k green screen video of a Real Apache Gunship with working lights and moving gun.

Fire Storm Dash
Fire Balls dash & doge across the screen in this 1080p effect.

We will also present beginning & professional editors alike with everything from helpful hints & ideas for simplifying  & organizing Tasks to editing techniques that will increase your productivity.

Those 10,000 subscribers also mean that it's time to share the things we've learned along our way through social media promotions including gaining & maintaining youtube subscribers on a daily basis.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our new youtube milestone and new blog!

Keep checking back for our latest articles, effects & more!