Free Video Project

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What is the Free Video Project? 

In 2008 the Head of Vidiots Channel TV Productions (formerly Blame it on Jon Productions) was seeking out video effects to use in local cable TV show with a small budget. At that time availability for cheap, much less free effects was extremely limited. When production went into hiatus between seasons he decided to it was time to quit looking for effects & instead he began experimenting with & creating effects. All the while he kept thinking there must be other film & video creators who were facing the same problems.
In 2009, using a his secondary Youtube account VidiotsChannel, he began uploading free effects. Simultaneously, the Free Video Project at was launched to provide footage for those who do not have the resources or time to create them

Is there a membership or sign-up?

At there is No Sign-up or registration.  For that reason we keep it simple & hassle free for creators. That includes No Pop-up ads.

How does fund the Free Video Project?

 The Free Video Project funding comes from various sources including donations, download sales in our store, ad revenue & contributions from Vidiots Channel Multi Media Productions.
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