Cameras, studio equipment & editing programs & more.

Cameras, studio equipment & editing programs & more.

Our top recommendations for cameras, lights, screens, editing equipment & editing programs are coming soon.


Whether it be our first studio video camera (Canon Vixia Series) & lighting set-ups (Hyper Tough construction work lights!) or our most recent techniques & equipment, we will soon be sharing it all with you.


A black canon camcorder and assorted asccessories including tripod, memory card & more.

No matter what your film or video budget we will offer ways to save you money while optimizing your workflow from shoot to release.

Our goal, as always, will be to help video & film creators, camera operators, editors and more find helpful solutions while maintaining any budget. 

Be sure to check back for the latest on this and other exciting projects updates! 

Bonus update:

Tutorials (Adobe After Effects) are coming soon!