About Us

About Vidiots Channel Multi Media

Vidiots Channel Free Stock Video Project (VidiotsChannel.com) was created by John Seymour & Vidiots Channel Multi Media in 2009. Vidiots Channel has provided hundreds of free special effects and stock footage clips for students, hobbyists, Youtube creators & more, while providing Production services & videos for the movie & television industry.

Our History
Production services & videos for the movie & television industry.
Vidiots Channel had it's humble start in 2004 (as Blame it on Jon Productions) producing it's first TV Series, T.I.W.F. on Brownsville cable TV2.  In 2005 the T.I.W.F. series moved to E+TV6 in Jackson TN airing 55 episodes through 2007. In 2009 the series saw a third and final season (under Vidiots Channel Production) on TV22 in Trenton TN.  T.I.W.F. was hosted by TIWF Commissioner Jon Seymour (played by the tv series Writer/ Editor/Producer, John H. Seymour) & featured co-hosts & Executive Producers James Mea (as Wildside) & Randy Byrd (as Ravishing Randy).

Continuing in the sports entertainment industry Vidiots Channel Multi Media Produced "Wrestling Today" which featured Independent Wrestling federations in and around the Mid South. The series aired from 2012- 2014 & was Hosted, Directed & Produced by John H. Seymour.

Vidiots Channel Multi Media went on to produce several TV Pilots,  including  CASW (Dothan Al) in 2017 & "Night of Vixens" (Universal Ladies Wrestling), Live Event productions & 100s of TV & web commercials & effects for network television, Independent Film, Ad agencies & more. 
The Future
Vidiots Channel Multi Media will continue in it's Free Stock Footage Project while providing stock footage/video services to entertainment industry.

List of Major Commercial Productions by date
  • T.I.W.F. TV Series (2005-2007) 
  •  TIWF Togetherness - TV Commercial (2005)
  • TIWF Empire Battle - TV Commercial (2006)
  • TIWF Extreme Action - TV Commercial - (2007)
  • Jason Flowmaster "Sit Back" music video (2009)
  • Zombie Cam Chat - short (2009)
  • West 19 "Poppin' Bottles" music video (2011)
  • Wrestling Today TV series (2012-2014)
  • APWA Interview video series (2013)
  • Night on Beale Street TV commercial (2013)
  • Rodgers Farms TV Commercial (2014)
  • Roar Vapor TV Commercial (2014)
  • Night of Vixens (2015)
  • GMF "All A Dream" music video (2015)
  • GMF "Hands of Time" music video (2016)
  • CASW TV pilot (2017)
  • Rock'n Wrestling (2018)
  •  Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony Video (2021) 
  • Ongoing
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Mission Statement
Our primary goal, through the "Free Video Project" is to deliver free video effects & stock footage for those who do not have the resources or time to create them.