Exciting new updates!

Hello fellow Vidiots! 
We have some exciting new updates for you! 

We have launched a new category for chromakey effects and more are on the way.

The new category is "Technology which can be reached from our Chromakey Effects page  or the following direct link: http://www.vidiotschannel.com/p/technology-effects.html .

Speaking of technology, we have also released the new green screen effect "Mobile Phone" which is a simple but effective piece of footage. The effect can be downloaded on our front (home) page or on our new Technology Effects page. This new effect, like all our others, is available to download and use in any of your personal videos (including youtube). If you would like to purchase this effect for use in a commercial production, it will soon be available in our download store & on our new site for Royalty Free Commercially licensed videos, VidStockFX.com which opens January 21st 2018. As an introduction to our new website VidStockFX.com , we will be offering this video for commercial use at 50% discount!

Below is a sample of the new effect "Mobile Phone Green Screen".

Be sure to check back here often. We have more new content on the way soon!

Until next time, Happy Editing!