3 new green screen effects are ready for downloading! The first green screen effect was created for a youtube subscriber who requested a custom color change of our Particle Dash Green Screen Effect ( https://youtu.be/ZdNIXkDMgB4 ) The new version is titled "Blue Particle Dash" & video quality is 1080p.
Another great green screen available for download is our combination Title screen & Lower Thirds title screen "Light Flare Galaxy".  It's an easy to use, matching 4k set containing a title screen reveal & a lower thirds text reveal both in 4k resolution.  In the video a dark blue background gently swirls, suddenly a bright flash fills the screen fading as the light flare recedes and reveals your custom titles in front of a particle galaxy.

The third new download is a 4k green screen effect titled Under Water Lower Thirds". The Title Screen created from 4k footage of under water view of surface as water pours in, swirls and creates waves & air bubbles. 

  Keep checking back for updates, new downloads & new products!