Sci-fi Effects Bundle

280 Sci-Fi Effects & Stock Footage Bundle
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Bundle Contains Each of the following Packs:

155 Sci-Fi Chroma Key Effects

155 Sci-fi Chromakey Effects Pack contains:
37 Green Screen Planets, 22 Blue Screen planets, 54 Laser Green Screen FX, 15 Fire & Smoke Chroma Key Effects, 12 Photon Laser Blasts, 
4 Tesla Green Screen effects, 4 Telsa Effects Black Croma Key, 8 Meteor Fly By Green Screen , 1 Meteor Belt Green Screen, 1 Space 
Travel w/ Planets Green Screen , 1 Space Travel w.o./ Planets, 8 Red Laser Green Screen FX, 8 Blue Lasar, 8 Tracer Rounds, 4 Long Blast 
moving Red Laser FX , 4 Long Blast moving Blue Laser FX , 7 Heads Up Display Green Screen FX, 1 Regeneration Green Screen, 1 regeneration 
Black Croma Key, 1 Regeneration Blue Chroma Key, 1 Monitor bank Green Screen, 4 Blue Flame Rocket Engine Effects, 2 Liquid Metal Effects, 
1 Fly through Clouds Chroma Key Effect. Total Run time approx 55 min. HD .mov 720p 16:9

105 Sci-fi Stock &  Chroma Key Pack
Reality Meets Sci-fi: 105 Sci-fi Stock &  Chroma Key Pack contains: 
21 Sci fi Stock Footage Clips (more than 17 min. of footage), 4 real tree chroma key clips, 4 Premium Planet Green Screen videos,37 Green Screen Planet videos, 
22 Blue Screen planet videos, 54 Laser Green Screen effect Videos, 7 Heads Up Display Green Screen videos, 1 Space Travel Green Screen video, 
8 moving Laser videos, 1 Asteroid Belt green Screen video. Video Info: HD 720p widescreen: 16:9, .MOV, 1.82 GB, Approx Runtime:55 minutes.

Sci-fi Virtual Studio & Accessories

Sci-Fi Virtual Studio Pack contains more than 30 HD 720p High Quality Backgrounds, Overlays, Animated Doors, Bonus Sci-Fi Stock Footage & more! 
This Virtual Studio Effects pack is the perfect for creating beautifully detailed Virtual Starship Interiors, Stations, Bases & more! Animated Doors & 
backgrounds will allow you to transform your studio as needed & create multiple shoot sets.

ALL 3 Packs ONLY $1.99!


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