Raven HD Green Screen

 Real Raven Green Screen


You may* use any of VidiotsChannel.com Free Effects & Stock Footage in any personal video that you own, both public & private.

You may not* claim ownership, re-upload, upload as is, sell or resell in whole or in part.

We appreciate any credit given within the video or descriptions where they may appear but it is not required. 

 If you would like a License for Commercial Use one may be purchased >HERE<


What is the Free Video Project? 

In 2009, VidiotsChannel began uploading free effects. Simultaneously, the Free Video Project at VidiotsChannel.com was launched to provide footage for those who do not have the resources or time to create them
Is there a membership or sign-up?
At VidiotsChannel.com there is No Sign-up or registration.  For that reason we keep it simple & hassle free for creators.

Are Vidiots Channel downloads Safe?
We create and host all our files on the VidiotsChannel.com server. Unless specified, we will never redirect you to another site. The only pop-up windows on this site will be served by Google Adsense.

How does VidiotsChannel.com fund the Free Video Project?
The Free Video Project funding comes from various sources including donations, download sales in our store, ad revenue & contributions from Vidiots Channel Multi Media Productions.
Have questions? Write us at Vidiots@VidiotsChannel.com

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